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Dominion is an Alliance PVE raiding guild established on Altar of Storms in 2005.  We have been a "casual" progression raiding guild since Burning Crusade was released.  In March of 2012 the decision was made by the members to transfer servers to Stormrage due to the dwindling population on Altar of Storms and the lack of recruiting capabilities.  Our number one priority is to have fun while playing, we will never be "hardcore" and turn the game into a job.  We prioritize Mythic raids but we also run multiple alt raids and many members participate in rated battlegrounds and arena's. 

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Mythic Kromog Smashed!

by Cyclone0, 579 days ago

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Mythic Flamebender Extinguished!

by Cyclone0, 593 days ago

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Mythic Hans and Franz TERMINATED.

by Cyclone0, 594 days ago

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Mythic Gruul Shattered!

by Cyclone0, 599 days ago

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